Альпаин магнитола-сда 9884р инструкция

альпаин магнитола-сда 9884р инструкция
For discs without CD Text, searches are made using the track numbers associated with each song. 1 Press /ENT during play. Installation Location Make sure this unit will not be installed in a location subjected to: • Direct sun and heat • High humidity and water • Excessive dust • Excessive vibrations Correct Handling Do not drop the disc while handling. External Device POWER IC ON (Initial setting) / POWER IC OFF POWER IC OFF: Use this mode when the line output of this unit is used to drive an external amplifier. In this setting, the head unit’s internal amplifier is turned OFF and can not drive speakers.

Heat and humidity may damage the CD and you may not be able to play it again. To customers using CD-R/CD-RW • If a CD-R/CD-RW cannot be played back, make sure the last recording session was closed (finalized). • Finalize the CD-R/CD-RW if necessary, and attempt playback again. Все магнитолы Alpine имеют выход предусилителя на сабвуфер с возможностью регулировки громкости. Ну, и стоит сказать, что уже стало истиной — кто хоть раз поездил с Alpine уже не изменит ему никогда!Alpine X701D-A4Автомагнитола с поддержкой USB/MP3/iPod Цена178000 руб. Большой э . . . . .Сабвуфер Pioneer TS-SW3001S4 → Думаю что этот саб делался для любителей качественного звука и только, без фанатизма, для тех кто купил поставил и забыл . . . . .Автомагнитола Pioneer MVH-190UI → Взял на днях данную модель, установил.

Root folder The root folder (or root directory) is found at the top of the file system. Each music category has its own individual hierarchy. Return it to your Alpine dealer or the nearest Alpine Service Station for servicing. WARNING WARNING This symbol means important instructions. Disc Cleaning Fingerprints, dust, or soil on the surface of the disc could cause the CD player to skip.

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