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Startups began to recognize that they weren’t merely a smaller version of a large company. Right-click on the USB drive in Disk Utility and select “Restore” Now you need to set the source disk for the restore. Customer Development, Agile Engineering and the Lean methodology enforced a process of incremental and iterative development. Startups could now get a first version of a product out to customers in weeks/months rather than months/years. For VC’s and entrepreneurs the gold rush to liquidity was on. That requires building a company using Agile and Customer Development Startups that master speed, tempo and Pivot cycle time will win Listen to this post here: Download the post here Filed under: Technology, Venture Capital |.

The Four Steps to the Epiphany, Business Model Generation and the Lean Startup movement have become the playbook for startups. The signals are loud and clear: seed and late stage valuations are getting frothy and wacky, and hiring talent in Silicon Valley is the toughest it has been since the bubble. The IPO offering document became the playbook for startups. Are there ways to cut the waste without cutting the actual amount of fun you have in your household?

Show and talk at conferences, be on lots of blogs, use social networks and build a brand. In the new bubble PR may be your new best friend, so invest in it. I’m going to walk through the process of making a bootable Mac OS X 10.7 Lion installation drive out of any USB flash drive key. There was no repeatable methodology, startups and their VC’s still operated like startups were simply a smaller version of a large company. Forms 301–320: Closeout & Certification Forms 301-320 include forms that support the DSA Closeout & Certification program in assisting school districts with closeout and certification of Legacy Projects. Filed under: Hacking For Defense, Hacking for Diplomacy, Teaching |.

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