Бланк за свет код рр 201

Volume: 1.5 cubic feet. T1ICC = 265 cartridges .50 linked (2 x AP M2, 2 x Incendiary M1, 1 x Tracer M1), in metal-lined wooden chest M1917. Gross Weight: 100 lbs. Class S9J (3.5″ Rocket for Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher M20)[edit] S9JKA = 3 x 3.5″ M28 Rockets, HE (Anti-Tank) in fiberboard tubes, in a wooden crate. Triple Red, Yellow, and Green Stripe = Linked Ball & Tracer.

Triple straight stripes were painted horizontally with the first stripe on top and the third stripe on the bottom. A diagonal stripe (lower left corner to upper right corner) indicated Heavy Machine gun ammunition. Volume: 0.7 Cubic Feet. TAAAA = 6,000 cartridges of .22 Long Rifle Ball, in cartons, in M20 ammo cans (3,000 rounds), 2 x M20 cans in an M22 wooden crate. Volume: 0.7 cubic feet. T1IIM = 110 cartridges .50 linked (4 x API M8, 1 x INC M1), 55 linked rounds per carton, 1 carton per M10 ammo can, 2 x M10 ammo cans per M12 wooden crate. Prior to 30 weeks gestation: Risk cannot be ruled out during pregnancy. Class T1C (.30 Carbine; Ammunition for .30-caliber Carbine M1)[edit] This ammunition was for use with the M1 Carbine, a different weapon than the M1 Garand Rifle.
Volume: 0.93 Cubic Feet. T1ICQ = 210 cartridges .50 linked (2 x AP M2, 2 x INC M1, 1 x TR M1), Aircraft (AC) grade, 105 linked rounds in metal M2 ammo box, 2 x M2 ammo boxes per wooden crate. Volume: 0.75 cubic feet. T3AGD = 675 Shells, Shotgun, 12 Gauge, No.8 Chilled Shot, in 25-shell cartons. 27 cartons per M1917 wooden chest. Class R1H (37mm Gun; Ammunition for Guns M3, M5, and M6)[edit] NOTE: The M3 was the towed Anti-Tank gun version. Triple Yellow, Red, and Green Stripe = Belted Ball & Tracer.

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