Инструкция по panasonic wj-gxd400

инструкция по panasonic wj-gxd400
Live image source Obtain the information of the live image source. The «IPv4 network»… Page 35 [HTTP port] A number from 1 — 65535 is available. Reference Problem Check item/Remedy page •… Page 51 Reference Problem Check item/Remedy page • Reload the contents by pressing the [F5] key. Note: The «User Account Control» window will be displayed depending on use or nonuse of a firewall. Refer to the following for further information about the settings for each item. Page 23: Error Notification Error notification When an error occurs, the setting to send the message to the previously registered addresses is performed. Up to 3 destinations of notification can be registered.

Page 54 For U.S., Canadian and Puerto Rican fields: For European and other fields: Panasonic System Solutions Company, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Product information — MAC address Network port Displays the MAC address of the network port. Refer to the following for further information about Click the [Language] tab. the settings for each item. Panasonic’s revolutionary video encoder and decoders provide industry-leading IP network camera control, multi-channel recording, and multiple CCTV camera connection, to meet even the toughest security and surveillance needs. Important: • When the user name already in use is selected and the [Set] button is clicked, it will be overwritten. Click the [Display] button on the setup menu.

Important: • The audio output is not provided when the schedule is displayed. Page 19: Language Language Select the display language for the web browser from the following. Page 7: Setup Menu Chart Setup Menu Chart Performing each setting on the setup menu should be completed in advance to operate this unit. Page 30: Group Sequence Group sequence Live images from the camera/encoder/recorder on all the screens are simultaneously switched and displayed in the 3-screen/6-screen modes.

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